2 April 2016

Update #8 – New 360 cancellation feature and more…

Firstly, let me personally apologise for the lack of updates. As the SteadXP moves swiftly along the production line, we have had to focus on ensuring that it meets its technical objectives on time, unfortunately at the expense of keeping everyone up to date.

Let me assure we will do our best to publish more updates over the coming weeks.


New feature: 360 rotation cancellation

So with that in mind, on the technical side, we have added an new cool feature that allows 360° rotation-cancellation! This is just being tested and requires some minor tweaking but we believe, once added, it will provide yet another excellent addition and one that will also work with SteadXP+!


Different packaging options

Our next focus however, is on packaging and branding. Yes, we can simply place the SteadXP in a box, but if we adopted the “simply” approach we wouldn’t have an award-winning product in the first place. From ensuring it stands out on the shelf, to adding to the experience of owning a SteadXP, right through to having practical applications in the field, we need to ensure that we get this bit right too.

That is why we are looking for thoughts and opinions from you, our distinguished investors!

  • Our 1st option is a cardboard box filled with anti-static protective foam, then we will wrap it up and add a nicely painted logo. The pros are it’s cheaper than a plastic box but not much, and it’s easier to source and procure. But the cons are that it can’t be exposed to the elements.
  • The 2nd option is an impact resistant plastic box with durable anti-static protective foam. The pros are that it can be carried on the field and will probably withstand a light rain. But the cons are we didn’t find a so good looking part. (If you know an European supplier that can give us the same quality with a better looking design, it can help us).
  • Please express your thoughts and experiences to us in the comments, and we will look at them all to ensure that the finishing touches are applied to what we truly believe is already an outstanding product!