27 February 2016

Update #7 – Fresh news about your SteadXP

Hi everyone!

Past weeks were very intense, we are coming close to start the production and every subject requires a lot of attention as we are trying to meet our deadlines.

The good news is SteadXP’s design and user’s experience have been validated since mid-january.

From the very beginning, we have worked a lot to improve the user experience in a coherent workflow:

  • As we already announced in our last update, SteadXP technology is now capable of recording a MONO audio track. We think you will really appreciate that feature in many shooting contexts.
  • And we also validated another great improvement, solving the major issue using SteadXP+:

Good news concerning SteadXP+

Our first prototypes were based on video signal acquisition (composite or HDMI), and it worked great. The problem was that most cameras (as the first independent SteadXP review noted) disable their display screen when a video cable is plugged in.

This was not a major issue when shooting with very wide angle lenses but became a huge one using narrower ones. This was such a major limitation of the initial SteadXP technology that we could not let it as is…

So good news, we fixed it with our final SteadXP+ design! No more video cable to plug: a single male/male audio cable is the only part you will need to use our device. And of course, whatever your camera model is, LCD screen will remain ON…

It’s a lot easier to use in a real plug and play experience, and of course, SteadXP+ is now compatible with almost any camera (including HDMI).

Of course, it means you do not need to choose between SteadXP+ and SteadXP HDMI rewards anymore: it’s the same product with an extended compatibility over main camera models (genlockable cameras are always supported via RCA too).


Our devices are now ready for production!

After validation of the design, we started tooling, which is an important step towards producing your SteadXP.