1 January 2016

Update #6

Hi Everyone!

Thank you again for all of your patience and support since the campaign ended. We’ve been so focused trying to keep up with production and staying on a path to delivery that we haven’t been able to film new stunning content or send updates more regularly… Please forgive us!

Here are the latest updates on the SteadXP production. First let’s start with the most challenging. As we mentioned in the comments recently we are experiencing some delays in the production of SteadXP.

Tooling And Manufacturing

After several new validation steps and hard negotiation times, we are finally really close to signing with all of our contractors and manufacturers who will be involved in producing SteadXP. This was a big challenge as we had to negotiate lead times for each work package such as tooling, supply chain logistics, QC, etc…
This unfortunately took longer than we first expected. On top of that, some component suppliers initially had quoted us delays of almost 16 weeks! To reduce this as much as possible we’ve already ordered most of the critical components. The remaining supply delays and manufacturing contracts still to be signed however, will unfortunately delay shipping by 8 weeks.

To be clear, for example it means that the first deliveries (“Help us, and be the first”) initially schedule for mid-January are now pushed to a mid-March. The good news is that we are working with strong industrial partners who like the SteadXP project, and they are doing a lot to prioritize the SteadXP production as much as possible.

We sincerely apologize for these delays and we hope that you will understand that manufacturing and shipping SteadXP devices is a project of an international scale and we are still a small startup.

We know this is disappointing news to some of you, but we want to reassure you: we are building quality products and we trust that you prefer us to guarantee the quality of the product first, rather than rushing to meet deadlines without regard to the effects on the quality.

Okay, Here’s The Good News!

We’ve actually made a ton of great updates, improvements and progress on validating the hardware.
First, following your demand during the campaign, we worked to extend the SteadXP technology to HDMI cameras. It took more effort than expected, but it’s now functional!
Technical advancements
– We succeed with internal QC and robustness tests on the very latest prototypes.
– MONO audio recording is now fully operational with the use of a Y-splitter.
– We are still adding and validating new cool features to improve the user experience and add new use-cases for SteadXP, to be announce before shipping.
New Website To Come
To answer frequently asked questions, you will receive the shipping survey as soon as our new website will be online. Every backer will be able to switch or upgrade its initial reward to another offer at the Kickstarter pricing conditions.
But on that specific point, we again discovered an unclear legal context here in France about taxes to follow a Kickstarter campaign, and we still have to work on it.
Everything is always more complicated than first expected, so because our new website wasn’t on the real critical path to the delivery, this point was rescheduled. We will publish it as soon as possible, thanks again for your patience!
Be assured that we are working hard to secure reasonable delivery times as much as possible while continuing to maintain the production quality we stand by.
Thank you all for your continued support! We’re so happy to have you with us.
And we wish you a happy new year, with your SteadXP of course!
More regular updates coming soon…
Adrien, for the SteadXP Team