9 October 2015

Update #4

Hi there!

A few hours from the end of the campaign, we would like to thank you so much!

As we can’t take a plane and shake hands with each of you, we will simply offer you new cool features coming with your SteadXP.


We will add a new option to overlay on the stabilized video the G-Force you experienced while filming!

And here is a 100% SteadXP@ video, enjoy!


We unlocked the HDMI Stretch Goal! Yes! So if you only use HDMI cameras, you can switch to it from your SteadXP+ reward!

A lot of you asked for a way to record audio while using SteadXP. We are happy to announce that this will be possible with our new improvement on audio mono coding! The production SteadXP+ will use a single audio channel. So, with a simple Y-splitter (not included), you will be able to plug an external microphone to record mono audio on the camera.

For all SteadXP versions

Next Stretch Goal is CUDA acceleration (NVidia graphic cards)! If we unlock it, your SteadXP software will render your stabilized output in real time, even in 4K…

We are sure it will be a great user experience, and a huge difference compared to other post-processing softwares.

We agree that real time preview and rendering is a must have! So even if we don’t unlock the 550K€ Stretch Goal, you may expect this feature in the months following shipping (mars 2016).

The campaign is a great succes thanks to your invaluable support!

From the first day we are stocked to see such a vibrant community building up around SteadXP!

Thank you! You are amazing!

SteadXP Team