30 September 2015

update #2

Hello Backers!

Sooooo stoked! We’ve reached our third stretch goal and even more!

Thank you so much for the incredible amount of support…

Stretch Goal #3 UNLOCKED! Auto follow subject on screen

What an awesome ride! We’re excited to announce we unlocked the Stretch Goal #3: we’ll implement a new software feature for everyone who backs the project: introducing auto follow subject(s) on screen.

This Stretch Goal allows us to implement automatic following of subjects on screen. Face detection will help you identify the subject to highlight, follow, and to maintain in a particular zone of the frame…

Three New Stretch Goals

Now, we have more up our sleeve:
  • Following your great feedback we’ve established a new Stretch Goal at 450K€ that will enable us to offer a new SteadXP HDMI reward option. We are still working on final pricing, but it will be very close to SteadXP+ 😉 We hope you appreciate! Of course you will be able to switch your reward option from SteadXP+ to the new SteadXP HDMI option by the end of the campaign.
  • 550K€: CUDA acceleration support for real time rendering.
  • 700K€: Premiere and FCPX plugins for better integration in your workflow.
Finally in the coming days, expect a new update and new demo videos more representative of typical professional uses of SteadXP+, so stay tuned!

New SteadXP@ videos are coming!

For our and future SteadXP@ backers, a bunch of new videos showing how smooth will be your rendering in different sportive contexts. Enjoy it!
Buggy Dolly

Many thanks again for your great support and positive feedback! Please share the SteadXP again and again…

We always need you!