31 December 2016

Update #17 – Happy new year!

Hi everyone!

We promised it in update #15. It is the end of the month now. Here comes some news about delivery date. Straight to the point! Ready?

The shipping will start in February the 20th (and sooner if possible). That date concerns the backers who pledged for the 6 weeks offer. We heard those who wished, and that’s totally understandable, to deliver everyone at the same time. Enough of changes since the Kickstarter launch, so we chose to maintain the original schedule.

Another thing, have you checked our Facebook page recently? If not, here some pictures of our Christmas gifts at the office! What do you think?





Next week… Oh wait, next year (sorry I couldn’t resist)! Let’s discover a new video, to compare EIS GoPro® Hero 5* and SteadXP@ renderings, thanks to Mathias Lopez.

#SteadXPiscoming #2017iscoming

Best wishes from all of us!