21 December 2016

Update #15

Hi everyone!

Here’s your new CM writing. For those who didn’t follow the news recently, my name is Emmelieke and to anticipate the questions, it is feminine and from Belgium. We have been silent for a while, but that doesn’t mean that we did nothing since. And now, I’m here listening and answering to you.


Delivery date

We’ll know the shipping date by the end of the month. So yes, it’s not very precise. I don’t want to give you a date for the moment before I’m sure it is the right one this time. And yes, it will be after Christmas. Another disappointing delay. We assure you delays here are for the better.


Manufacturing process


The molds are ready!

They are all validated! The steel molds are now fixed and ready, as much as the electronic cards. The firsts production batches were already injected and integrated with succes. As I’m writing these lines, our CEO Adrien is checking some last details at the factory.


X-ray to test solder quality.

Shipping logistics

To deliver abroadly, means that you must comply a few (or rather a lot) specific measures (about insurance, certification etc.). We are now able to issue invoices automatically, with the right legal mentions depending your country or your status. For some others measures, we are still waiting. And what about the software ? Our developers are working hard to provide you a user-friendly interface while having a professional rendering of video stabilization. We are currently testing the software on several OSs (PC and Mac).


One of the pick&place machine of the factory

We are impatient too that you can discover what’s driving us for months now and to see your amazing video productions with it. And we won’t repeat it enough: thanks to all of you for your support all this time!