22 September 2016

Update #13

Hi everyone, here’s some news!


Some days ago, we went to the factory to start setting up the production. First good news, we were able to start the ramp up production phase. All our components are in stock. From the little screw to the printed cardboard, each element has been listed to meet our production process. The goal for the second step was to validate the preparation work regarding the machinery. Then, we launched some blank production to determine the process that is to be followed to produce each SteadXP. As you can imagine, there is a bunch of specific operations that has to be consistently repeated for each element. Each machinery has to be adjusted to each piece that composes the SteadXP. Wielding, testing critical components, and repeat.


As you can see in the picture below, our SteadXP PCB and our critical components are sent under X-rays. To avoid any imperfection or unwanted weld joint in between critical components, x-ray helps to check for quality wields.


To close the circle, we started to test how tooling that we have developed for quality control purpose will be added in the process. We are glad to say that this is the first step of the last stage for our project.



Electrical tests

Good news, we haven’t burned down the certification lab with our SteadXP’s ! Moreover, our SteadXP@ survived to the torture bench. You probably remember we had to pass some electrical tests to check how our SteadXP would react in stress test and we are glad to tell you that you will be able to safely use your SteadXP. Basically, some components have been withdrawn from the card, the electrical path has been intentionally modified and the voltage has been pushed over the limit than normal use. The electronic system is supplied directly from the battery. Critical components are modified so we can check if they burn, explode or produce sparks. We had to run two different sets of tests to cover the requirements to certify our SteadXP. In the end, one of the SteadXP@ was still working (almost) properly, which we didn’t expect. SteadXP is tough, but please, try not to make it hitten by thunder, our warranty won’t cover that.



The SteadXP software allows you to stabilize your footage in a matter of minutes. The software is able to stabilize 4K videos in real time and thanks to a lot of work on the software’s core, it let you modify your settings on the go. You have the possibility to adjust each of the 3 axis independently to achieve different results. By default, roll axis will be stabilized while pitch and yaw won’t be activated. Being able to adjust your parameters and control your virtual camera through different settings while playing the preview in a user friendly software will fasten the process. You won’t have to recalculate each time to get a result. Now with our live preview you can adjust you settings on the go ans easily achieve the results you are looking for. Easy !