6 July 2016

Update #11

Supply and production schedule

As explained in the previous update, we are arrived at a point where all of our supply contracts have been signed for several weeks now. In order to launch the production, we need to gather all of the components, tools for production and testings, as well as essentials documents expected from each supplier.

Today, part of our suppliers are off schedule, delays that are unfortunately out of our sphere of influence. Those events are quite usual in industrialized processes, in complexe projects such as our. Also, our low level of purchase is not important enough to be made a matter of priority, but it doesn’t mean any less true it’s a disappointment for us. And unfortunatly, due to the summer annual leaves, production can’t start before end of august which means first SteadXP will be rescheduled to be shipped in september.

Certification lab

In a previous update we shared with you the disappointment regarding our previous certification lab that discovered it didn’t have the right approval to certify our. We have had to do again the major part of the testing in a parisian lab from the same company thinking it would come to an end in june.


As expected, the new testing phase was successfully completed as explained in the previous update. Our relationship with this company went from good to strained. And they did not point us that we were missing some electrical safety tests which have to be done now.


We are going to take delivery of the plastic parts from China any day now, several days late, but it is still a good step forward!steadxp-plus-moule steadxp-at-moule

Those thermoformed pieces are made thanks to a steel mold. This process allows us to produce large number of plastic parts required to build our SteadXP’s. It also ensures a quality regularity in production. Later, those parts will be produced in France to allow us a better control on production and availability.steadxp-plus-mold

User account/Shipping address

Most of you have been able to provide us with your shipping addresses and we thank you for taking the time to fill in the form on your steadxp account. If you haven’t been able to do so yet, please go to .

Mid-june, we sent you a confirmation email after creating your personal accounts on our website. If you haven’t received it yet, do not worry, you can still access your account using your email address as your accounts have already been created. You may request a new password using the link  « lost password » on the same page. If you need assistance you can also contact us through or using our contact form on

Order status

At the moment, you will find your order status on is « processing » and this is normal. When shipped, your status order will be updated to « shipped », and you will receive a tracking number to follow your package.

Contact us

We want you to easily reach us, and you expect a quick answer to your questions. To facilitate this, we have provided you with a contact form on You can also send us emails at

SteadXP software

The SteadXP software, cornerstone of our video stabilization system, will be soon unveiled. It will be available through direct download on our website, once you receive your SteadXP.

We have rethinked the architecture from scratch to provide you with an improved 64bits PC and a Mac version. We are actually working on optimization to enhance the user experience to a simple and intuitive solution.

A couple of method will be available to take over a variety of video formats. First one builds on natively available video codecs on PC and Mac distributions. In order to extend compatibility, the second method is based on the FFMPEG codec library. We will get back to you soon to show you the SteadXP software performances.

How to use your SteadXP@

How to use your SteadXP ? Well, simple, we are going to produce short videos for that. This first one is a trial. We have asked to Mathias to show us how to use the SteadXP@. And behind the camera, Adrien demonstrates the famous « Slightly out of focus » technic with our GH4 and SteadXP+. Enjoy !