17 September 2015

Update #1

So yes, SteadXP is alive, and pretty well!

Thanks to your support, we raised 50 000€ in 6 hours… And met our 150 000€ funding goal after just 75 hours (when you don’t sleep, you count in hours;)…

So it was a very intense first week and we have to thank you SO MUCH for that unique experience! Of course we definitly underestimated background tasks behind a successful campaign: we are so late on everything we HAVE to do, like answering your TONS of PM…

So thank you for your patience! We are getting there!

What’s new

Last night we slept! And that’s new enough to be noted 😉

More seriously, we unlocked Stretch Goal #2: SteadXP products can now be shipped to:

  • China,
  • Taïwan,
  • Singapore,
  • Hong-Kong,
  • and Russia!

What is coming

Thanks a lot for your feedback, keep it coming! With your help, we are designing an even better product. We can confirm that we started looking in more details into adding:

  • a new HDMI version of SteadXP,
  • GPU support for real time rendering,
  • Adobe Premiere and FCPX plugins.

GPU and plugins will come as new higher Stretch Goals, please contribute in public comments, and we will soon define it in more details!

A bit of history

In this first update, we’d like to share this Down Hill video with you, because it means something special for us in our history. It was filmed in summer 2014 with an early SteadXP@ prototype on a GoPro Hero2 camera, with the help of professional MountainBike Pilots (MCF Les 2 Alpes).

For us, that was the first time we were really stunned by our own video (something always happening each time we find a new creative way to film unshotable shots).

Then you know the story, we showed this video to Emmanuel Pampuri, a famous french blogger, who published this first teaser on his blog…

A 100K views later, with the additional support of Newsshooter and many other famous bloggers, carefully listened to your reactions, we decided to build a new SteadXP+ version for all video cameras, and a new SteadXP@ version compatible with every GoPro models.
And you backers, have been writting the rest of the story for one week now…

As soon as you will receive your SteadXP, we are pretty sure you too will find new creative ways to film, and push the limits of dynamic shots during the Backers Video Contest.

So please tell us (in public comments;) what would you like to win, how do you see things!

Thank you all, thank you Kickstarter for that unique opportunity to do serious things in big, and stay tuned we will come back with new videos soon!