Will SteadXP+ be compatible with my setup?

Your camera will be compatible with SteadXP+ if it has:


IBIS technology limitation:

On some IBIS cameras, even when IBIS is deactivated, the sensor will still freely « float » inside the camera body.
SteadXP cannot take those sensor movements into account, therefore it will not work with SteadXP (ex: Sony A7III, Sony A7R series, Panasonic GH5… Non exhaustive list).
However, since it depends on the IBIS technology, we can guarantee that it will work with the Sony A7SII, A7SIII and Nikon Z6.

If you plan to use your camera on an FPV drone (high vibration environment), please contact us for more details.


Audio recording limitation:

Please note that your selected recording mode (resolution + framerate) must record at least one audio track.
Panasonic BGH1, S1H and S1 cameras will not work with SteadXP either since a strong audio filter is applied by the camera, preventing the detection of SteadXP audio signal.


Lens limitation:

The design of Sirui lenses prevents keeping a fixed focal length: when the focus varies the focal length varies, which prevents using SteadXP.


N.B: If you are shooting RAW, you must first convert your RAW files before using them in SteadXP software

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