Audio cable: How can I record sound using SteadXP+?

SteadXP+ is sending a digital audio signal that should be recorded on (at least) 1 mono audio channel. You can still connect a microphone on the other audio channel, as described below.

On DSLR, MirrorLess:

We recommend this male to male cable. Since SteadXP only needs 1 audio channel, adding this Y-splitter audio separator cable (1xStereo to 2xMono), you can record 1 mono audio track. We recommend using a preamplified microphone if you cannot set audio levels individually on each track.

Warning: This Y-splitter cable must be an INPUT splitter (SteadXP needs separate tracks). Do not use a generic OUTPUT splitter, as it won’t work!

On XLR Cinema cameras:

SteadXP+ audio signal is in fact a BALANCED signal: on a cinema camera we recommend recording it on audio Stream 1 or 2, using:

Whatever the audio cable you choose to use, SteadXP software will automatically recognize the type of connection.

NB: On RED DSMC1 cameras, you can use a single 1xStereo to 1xStereo male male cable.

Warning: You should disable +48V or any other phantom power in your camera settings since it could damage your SteadXP+


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