Can I add Motion Blur before rendering my video?

You can choose between 3 different blur types: Rotational Blur, Motion Blur & Hyperlapse. They are accessible in Preview ➞ Motion.

Rotational Blur

From a cinematic point of vue, the Rotational Blur is accurate since only the rotational information of the virtual camera are taken into account. If you shot with 90° shutter angle, we recommend adding 90° Border intensity and 60° Central intensity to match cinematic look. Rotational Blur is useful for pano without moving objects, the computation time is fast.

Motion Blur

The Motion Blur is based on a frame by frame motion analysis. You can control the blur intensity in the image center and borders.
Since computation time can be important, we recommend pushing small sequences to the Motion Blur Queue first, to prepare the Motion Blur frames in advance. There are two ways to add sequences to the Motion Blur Queue:

  • In Motion, click on 159 159
  • In Input tab, click on 159 159

When motion blur frames are ready, they are drawn in the timeline, as shown here.
To display the Motion Blur Queue, click on 159 in the status bar.


Hyperlapse will produce better results with slow motion framerates. Its computation time is fast.

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