Batch processing (Rendering Queue) with SteadXP software


SteadXP software allows you to perform single renderings by clicking on 159 in Preview tab.
To process several renderings, use the Rendering Queue. There are two ways to add a project to the Rendering Queue:

  • In Preview tab, click on 159 159
  • In Input tab, click on 159 159

During the rendering, SteadXP uses an important CPU load, but you can always stop it or pause it and resume later.

To display the Rendering Queue, click on 159 in the status bar.

In the Rendering Queue dialog box, you can:

  • view a rendering export parameters
  • remove a rendering by clicking on 159
  • change the order by clicking on 159and 159
  • view the rendering video by double-clicking on it once the rendering is complete


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