5 October 2015

Update #3

Hello Backers!

We realise you want to know what you can expect from SteadXP in a typical documentary shooting, and what are the limits of the technology.

So this update is mostly about most advanced questions related to SteadXP use in a professional context.

We want to give you maximum transparency here! We have nothing to hide, and are comfortable even with the limits of SteadXP!

But first, many of you, if not all of you, asked for black versions of SteadXP:

We recommend not to go beyond 70mm when shooting handheld: this is the limit!

In addition, to address your many questions about resolution loss on a full HD input, this video was shot with Canon 5D mkII (1080p) and a 18% crop was applied. This is a typical value when using a narrow focal with our horizon lock feature and high smoothing enabled.

Documentary shooting with SteadXP

You asked for a demo showing how the SteadXP would perform in a typical documentary shot:

This video was shot handheld with a 35mm equivalent on GH4 (14mm). Here, a 25% crop was applied.

Hyperlapse feature with SteadXP+

Just for fun!

We have to admit: 32 years after George Lucas, our looking for Chewbacca is still far from the original! Respect master Lucas!

For each of your lenses (prime lenses or zoom locked at one of its extreme positions), you will have to follow this procedure once, and only once!

New HDMI Stretch Goal

We are very close to our 450K€ HDMI Stretch Goal now, but we still have more up our sleeve to get there within 4 days!

So if you are waiting for this new rewards before backing the project, you can help us to speed up things by first backing a SteadXP+ reward. And as soon as we unlock HDMI rewards, you will be able to switch to an HDMI reward!

So today we can announce the future rewards prices:

  • 230€ #11 Early Bird offer SteadXP HDMI
  • 260€ #12 SteadXP HDMI
  • 410€ #13 SteadXP HDMI + SteadXP@

Yes we kept the price at the SteadXP+ level! We hope you appreciate!

So help us to spread the word, to reach this goal and go beyond… Please share!

We always need you!

The SteadXP Team