Monthly Archives: December 2016

Update #17 – Happy new year!

Hi everyone! We promised it in update #15. It is the end of the month now. Here comes some news about delivery date. Straight to the point! Ready? The shipping will start in February the 20th (and sooner if possible). That date concerns the backers who pledged for the 6 weeks offer. We heard those […]

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Update #16 – FAQ and merry christmas

Hi everyone! Some questions are commonly asked recently, so here’s an update answering to it. Is SteadXP@ compatible with GoPro® Hero 5*? The Hero 5 is not compatible because it doesn’t have anymore the connections to plug the SteadXP@ (originally designed to plug an add-on screen or battery) on its back. And because of that, […]

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Update #15

Hi everyone! Here’s your new CM writing. For those who didn’t follow the news recently, my name is Emmelieke and to anticipate the questions, it is feminine and from Belgium. We have been silent for a while, but that doesn’t mean that we did nothing since. And now, I’m here listening and answering to you. […]

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