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Product Description

Beta version (64 bits) to be released soon

The SteadXP Software is the cornerstone of our SteadXP video stabilization. Our post-treatment software automatically uploads, extracts and process datas from your SteadXP@/SteadXP+ to compensate for any unintentional movements.

Within a few seconds, SteadXP software suggest you to choose between different trajectories already optimized for your shot, resulting in different typical looks.

Pick one profile, quick preview, click Run and that’s it!

Under the hood, our algorithm automatically builds a new virtual camera trajectory freed from geometrical distortions, vibrations and even the worst rolling shutter deformations.

The standalone SteadXP software allows to:

  • preview stabilization results,
  • cut several sequences,
  • and adjust rendering options if you are looking for a particular result.

We are looking for the most intuitive user experience. Our software combines 2 different approaches: Set and Run features (1 clic approach), or intuitive advanced tuning functions with Semi-automatic features.

Set & Run features

  • Auto stabilization presets
    Several stabilization profiles are proposed by the software: covering different typical kind of shots (various action sports, horizon lock, hyperlapse, handheld footage, shoulder rig shot, virtual tripod etc…). Picking the appropriate profile (or following software recommendation) gives great results most of the time.
  • Quick custom options
    SteadXP software allows you to create new profiles or quickly adjust rendering options based on several parameters (stabilization intensity, desired crop factor, Hyperlapse speed, enable Horizon LockVirtual Motion Blur / Pixel interpolation functions etc…) to produce the exact result you are looking for.
  • Pixel interpolation
    Sometimes, the rotation amplitude of a handheld camera can be so large that even a very wide-angle lens is not enough to produce a very smooth trajectory, especially when the Horizon Lock option is enabled. The time of one missed step, a sudden rapid move can ruin your shot by unfortunately affecting a few frames.If you set custom options trying to fix this high amplitude rotation with high smoothing level, a black zone can briefly appear in the output corners of the frame, due to the lack of input pixels!To avoid that, our algorithm uses past and future frames to fill this black zones. It automatically reconstructs missing parts of the frame without any noticeable defect. This is a useful function when stabilizing the most dynamic scenes. (functionality implemented in an incoming version)
  • Virtual motion blur
    Some camera movements like quick panning shots are particularly unpleasant to watch without motion blur effect. By enabling this option, SteadXP software will add a virtual motion blur, for which you can set effect dynamic and intensity. (functionality implemented in an incoming version)

Video example : without / with pixel interpolation option

Semi automatic results

Beyond automatic features, if you are looking for a particular rendering effect, you can take total control of framing with a complete set of semi-automatic features.
By a few manual interventions, and with the help of the preview window, drive intuitively your final virtual camera trajectory.Advanced reframing

  • If you are in quest for the perfect framing of your scene, our interactive timeline will give you a complete control on final result. You can intuitively add and edit orientation keyframes to match the exact framing you were looking for.
  • Auto follow subject
    Automatic following of subjects on screen. Face detection will help you identify the subject to highlight, follow, and to maintain in a particular zone of the frame. (functionality implemented in an incoming version)


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