Which SteadXP should I choose ?


Plugged on a GoPro®*, SteadXP@ will follow you anywhere, anytime in your outdoor adventures.

It works with GoPro® HERO[2, 3, 3+, 4] camera* and it fits inside the GoPro®* housings with theirs BacPac™* backdoors. It can’t be used with a GoPro® HERO5* as it doesn’t have the connection anymore to plug something on its back. SteadXP@ is not compatible with GoPro® HERO5*, DSLR, mirrorless and video cameras.




On a DSLR, mirrorless or video camera, SteadXP+ will be your ultimate companion for filmmaking and video reporting.

It just needs a flash mount (coldshoe) and a mic input (jack, mini jack or XLR). HDMI and AV outputs are not required to plug the device. Be sure to deactivate the EIS/OIS of your camera while using our device. Otherwise it will mislead our algorithms. SteadXP+ is not compatible with GoPro®* cameras.

Is SteadXP device compatible with my smartphone?

SteadXP has been conceived for DSLR, mirrorless, video or GoPro®* cameras. It isn’t compatible with smartphones sorry.

Is SteadXP software compatible with my computer ?

The SteadXP software is included with the purchase of any SteadXP device. It is downloadable as a x64 (64bits version) and is compatible with Mac and PC.

What kind of lenses can I use with SteadXP+?

It is essential to film your sequence with the same focal length. So two possibilities: the best and easy one is to use a fixed focal lens or you can still use a zoom with some gaffer tape to prevent any focal movement.

What shutter speed should I use with SteadXP+?

The more dynamic is the scene you want to film, the more more you’ll have to increase the shutter speed to avoid motion blur. E.g. If you’re filming when walking, 1/125 could be quite enough but the result will be more efficient with a higher one.

As a precaution, we advise not to use SteadXP with lower shutters than 1/250 for an optimal rendering.

How can I record video with audio while using SteadXP+?

SteadXP+ uses the stereo audio input of your camera to synchronize itself with video recording. However, with an appropriate adapter (not included), you’ll be able to plug an external microphone and record a mono audio channel from your camera.