Update #12

Hi everyone, As a starter, here is a short video of the SteadXP@ in a really shaky situation : Downhill.  Bonjour à tous, Pour commencer, nous vous proposons une petite vidéo avec le SteadXP@ en action : en downhill. Mold/housing Last month, we have told you about the first samples of housing. They arrived few […]

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Update #11 – version française


  Approvisionnement et délais de production Comme nous vous l’expliquions dans l’update précédent, nous sommes arrivés au stade où tous les contrats fournisseurs ont été signés depuis maintenant plusieurs semaines. Avant de pouvoir démarrer la production, nous avons besoin de réunir la totalité des composants, outillages et documents essentiels attendus de chacun de ces fournisseurs. […]

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Update #10

Hi everyone We will launch our new website today. We first have to create your personal accounts and import your Kickstarter orders on therefore it won’t be available until then. This should be quick. Thanks for your patience anyway. User accounts We will directly create individual user accounts for each Kickstarter backer, so do […]

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Update #9 – Goal on sight


Hello Everyone, Once again Mathias came back with new videos for you. Shot of a snowmobile from a snowmobile with only one hand to hold a Sony A7SII ! Behind the scene and audio recording On this second video, you will see two different things. First part is the “Behind the scene” view from a […]

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Update #8 – New 360 cancellation feature and more…

Firstly, let me personally apologise for the lack of updates. As the SteadXP moves swiftly along the production line, we have had to focus on ensuring that it meets its technical objectives on time, unfortunately at the expense of keeping everyone up to date. Let me assure we will do our best to publish more […]

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Update #7 – Fresh news about your SteadXP

Hi everyone! Past weeks were very intense, we are coming close to start the production and every subject requires a lot of attention as we are trying to meet our deadlines. The good news is SteadXP’s design and user’s experience have been validated since mid-january. From the very beginning, we have worked a lot to […]

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Update #6 –

Hi Everyone! Thank you again for all of your patience and support since the campaign ended. We’ve been so focused trying to keep up with production and staying on a path to delivery that we haven’t been able to film new stunning content or send updates more regularly… Please forgive us! Here are the latest […]

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Update #5 – We are 2293

And you are the greatest!! It’s just amazing we reached 505k!  The campaign was intense, and we are so proud about this success. Of course we took a quick time for a team building session around good (and healthy 😉 consumable products! But we also know we don’t have so much time to celebrate. We are […]

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